Why Join the AATP?

Welcome to the American Association of Teachers of Persian! We are the leading organization in promotion of Persian language nationally. If you are considering joining the AATP and want to know more about the advantages of joining our professional organization, here are a few reasons why membership in AATP is beneficial to you:

Be part of the Persian teachers’ community:
Your membership allows you to unite with other teachers of Persian. Our association is not limited to the national level. In fact, we have members from all over the world including Iran, Canada, European counties, etc. By joining our organization you can be part of the global community of teachers of Persian.

Attend the AATP annual meeting:
Meet others involved in the field of teaching Persian and share ideas. The AATP meets annually in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) annual meeting. In addition to business meeting, the AATP organizes other wonderful events such as Awards Ceremony, Round Table s and Workshops. These are great opportunities for you to learn from and share with your colleagues.

Access the teaching materials on our website
Our website http://aatpersian.org/ contains a comprehensive list of teaching materials and assessment materials including textbooks, audio/video, slideshows, apps, tests, links to useful resources and much more. These materials are only available to members in good standing. By becoming a member of the AATP, you will gain access to the wealth of teaching materials and sample curricula that enhances your expertise and knowledge of the field.

Take advantage of professional development opportunities:
Throughout the year, the AATP organizes workshops, seminars, round tables, webinars where issues of concern to Persian teachers are tackled and discussed. By attending these professional development opportunities you can share your work with others, stay updated with the cutting edge teaching methodologies, learn about topics of concern to the Persian-teaching profession, and gain knowledge to influence standards development in your school or state.

Stay informed:
Through our mailing list and newsletter you can stay informed about recent job postings, grant opportunities, additional professional development opportunities, and recent research and publications of others. The AATP’s executive board works year-round to help teachers reach higher standards and to represent the interests of Persian, while maintaining collaborations with other sister organizations.

Have a voice!
Joining AATP gives your own voice more weight as you work in the field of Persian language instruction. The AATP’s executive board brings your voice nationally and internationally. By joining the AATP, you have demonstrated your professional commitment and willingness to connect with other teachers to make a statement that the Persian-teaching profession continues to be a vital, growing force to be reckoned with.

You membership due is tax deductible as the AATP is a non-profit organization. Once you have taken the steps to join the AATP, make sure you tell about us to your colleagues, institution, students, and community school teachers in your area. We have several types of membership to suit the needs of different people and organizations involved in the field of Persian language instruction. Here are the AATP’s membership types:

Types of Membership:
1) Regular Members $40
2) Student Members $25
3) Community School Teachers $25
4) Institutional Members $200
5) Lifetime Members $600

You can fill out an online form from the menu and pay through Paypal or download the paper application and send your check to our treasurer’s address. Please email us for more information at: info@aatpersian.org